Performed by: Freshblood Theatre, as part of the National Student Drama Festival 2018

It is set now, or in a time that could be now.

Here, you will meet your support group, which allows single people to invest in a database system that puts you in a fully-fledged relationship with a different person every day.

Our services think of everything. Once you’re in the SSI database, you won’t have to think of a thing. We’ll give you romance after romance, and there won’t ever be any fuss. There are no awkward first dates, no worries about whether they’ll call (they always will), and you have time to fit it into your busy schedule. Loneliness ends here.

There are two catches – you must never see the same person twice and once you are in the system you are not allowed to leave.


Henri: Annalise Nwaodor
Sam: Lara Carroll
Sam: Miles Warburton 

George Brooker
Kathryn Llewellyn
Marianne Steggall
Maya McQueen
Rosey D’Allenger-Powell
Nadeem Lala
Iona Cameron
Becky Speller 

Director: Helen Morley
Assistant Director: Safura Shaharuddin
Co-Producers: Emily Davis, Ang Kia Yee
Writer: Eve Allin 


Hetty Melrose, Ross Hunter, Rebecca Coleby, Ellie Spurr Ostrom, Gabbi Virk, Ceridwen Mitchell, Tabby Fagin- Adams, Ryan Camille Girard