A child actor.
A nuclear power plant.
A drawing of a crawling baby. A blue capsule, glowing.

Charlotte is nineteen and in hospital. Exactly what connects her to the art of Keith Haring, the 1957 Windscale Fire and the death of River Phoenix isn’t clear – but they are connected. And as Charlotte and the people around her begin to question the very ground they stand upon, it becomes obvious that not everything is as it seems.

A kaleidoscopic, self-destructing exploration of pain and love, this production at Warwick Arts Centre in November 2017, then at the National Student Drama Festival in April 2018 marked the first revival of Chris Goode’s play since its premiere in 2007. 


Charlotte: Steffi Felton
Nick: Seán O’Driscoll
Justine: Heather Milsted
Ash: Joe Matthews 
Laura: Hetty Melrose 


Director: Ben Kulvichit
Assistant Director: Grace Lovegrove
Producer: Emily Davis
Technical Managers: Ciara Shrager, Harry Halliday
Lighting Designer: Nathan Dunne
Composer: Nat Norland
Costume Design: Maud Fleminger Thomson 
Stage Manager: Leanne Ward 

With thanks to:

Izzie Vayoni
Danny Vavrecka
Carla Le Van